The Coffee Pot Book Club

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blog?

A blog is a site, often free, where people (called ‘bloggers’) share posts about their favourite subjects. There are different types of blogs. Posts can contain text, photographs, videos, audio clips, or journal entries, for example. 

Sites such as Blogger or Wordpress offer free templates, and their blogs are easy to set up. Then you just need to find your ‘subject matter’.

A busy blog attracts followers who regularly check out the posts. These followers are important during a blog tour, as they may end up as your new readers.

What is a blog tour?

A blog tour is where we provide a number of bloggers (who we call ‘hosts’) with content to post on their blogs. The Coffee Pot Book Club offers posts about historical fiction (plus sub-categories), and all our hosts tend to have a keen interest in historical fiction, history, and books. 

When we take a client’s book ‘on tour’, it means we share details about their book with volunteering hosts. These details could be a mere Spotlight (with banners we design, the book blurb, author bio, images, and links), Guest Posts about a subject linked to the book, or Interviews with the author. 

Hosts may also review novels (exclusively offered on our Americano and Macchiato blog tours) and share these reviews not only on their own blogs, but also across social media, on various book outlets and stores, where permitted. Reviews are not guaranteed.

Why do bloggers host a blog tour?

Because we love books and history!

Bloggers host tours for a variety of reasons: some enjoy the variety of posts and historical themes. Others are keen to find out more about authors, and others again are fascinated by historical research. 

Speaking as a long-time blog tour host herself, Cathie loves meeting other historical fiction authors and showcasing their books.

Why should authors book a blog tour?

As authors, it’s important that your books receive plenty of exposure – and that’s what blog tours offer. The Coffee Pot Book Club cannot promise sales as a result of a blog tour, but our hosts and their followers are always on the lookout for that next fabulous read. Who knows? Yours may be just what they’re looking for!

What do blog tours look like?

You may wish to check out some of our past blog tours to see what we’ve done. Find them listed here

Just click on a banner with a date in the past or present, and you’ll be directed to the relevant tour page.

What kinds of blog tours does The Coffee Pot Book Club offer?

We have several types of tours. Please find them here!

Do authors have to be on social media?

Authors do not have to have social media accounts to book a blog tour. However, in order to get the most out of your tour, we would advise authors to engage with our posts – and our hosts – on Twitter or Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, and to share them. Many readers are on social media, and author visibility can be an advantage.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

Please find our T&Cs here

We hope these FAQs helped. If you have any other questions, or wish to book a tour, please Get in Touch!