“When I’m planning a book launch, one of the first things I do is book a blog tour with The Coffee Pot Book Club. The blog tours are a real pleasure for me as an author. They allow me to reach a much bigger audience than I could on my own, and they are run with seamless professionalism. I always see a boost in sales during and after a Coffee Pot Book Club blog tour. These tours are an integral part of my marketing and promotion toolkit, and I highly recommend them.”

~ Amy Maroney, author of The Queen’s Scribe

Working with Cathie at The Coffee Pot Book Club is a fabulous experience. This is the place to come if you want to market and share your historical fiction novel. All of the hosts are incredibly professional.

I’ve been working with The Coffee Pot Book Club for years, and every tour I’ve ever taken with them has been professionally presented and ensured my books get well-publicised. Thank you.

~ MJ Porter, author of historical fiction & mystery

“I have known The Coffee Pot Book Club for some while now in the capacity as a host and as a 30-year published author seeking quality promotion for my books.

As an author, I cannot give anything but the highest praise for a professional, supportive and exemplary service. As a host for their guest posts, and as a blogger myself, I know the hard work involved when producing eye-catching graphics and clear, easy to use social media material.

The Coffee Pot Book Club ticks all the boxes, offers a unique standard of efficiency and maintains a genuine  friendliness, all of which outshines other similar promotion services. Very, very highly recommended.

~ Helen Hollick, bestselling author of historical fiction, adventure, and fantasy

"The Coffee Pot Book Club blog tour is terrific. The guest posts and interviews were fun and provided an opportunity to tell readers more about my books. The communication with the administrators was excellent. And the social media buzz was everything I could have hoped for. I would definitely do it again some time." 

~ Trish MacEnulty, author of The Delafield and Malloy Investigations series

“I can’t sufficiently thank Coffee Pot Book Club for their fabulous blog tour. So much exposure to people who read my kind of book! So many great new book blogs to follow! Count me among your super-satisfied customers.”

~ N. L. Holmes, author of Pilot Who Knows the Waters

It was such a pleasure working with Cathie on my first blog tour with Coffee Pot Book Club. The process from the start was effortless and Cathie kept me in loop with what was happening, for which I am very grateful. Having set up blog tours myself in the past, I know how much work and the hours spent to organise such an event. Cathie was professional and the blog tour went smoothly. 

Thank you, Cathie, for such a positive experience, and the blog tour hosts for their generous time in using their platforms and audience to share my book launch. I’ll be definitely be using Coffee Pot Book Club services in the future.”

~ Luciana Cavallaro, author of Minotaur’s Lair

"What a pleasure to work with The Coffee Pot Book Club. These ladies are true professionals with timely correspondence, up-to-date communications, and spot on posts on the day of my book tour, for which they made immediate comments to accompany each ’stop.’ I feel as though with this group I have made new friends, and I definitely would love to work with them again. Thank you for everything!”

~ Alana White, author of The Hearts of All on Fire

"Promoting a book is overwhelming for any new author. It’s wonderful that services like The Coffee Pot Book Club exist to help get the ball rolling. My books, The Eisenhower Chronicles and Liopleurodon: The Master of the Deep, would have taken longer to reach the historical fiction audience without it. Cathie Dunn was a true professional throughout my experience and answered any questions I had in a timely manner. Highly recommended for other historical fiction writers!"

~ M.B. Zucker, author of The Eisenhower Chronicles and Liopleurodon: The Master of the Deep

"Thank you to Cathie Dunn and The Coffee Pot Book Club for the recent excellent tour for my latest book Squire’s Hazard. The tour was very well organised and I was delighted, in particular, by the number of fellow #histfic authors who signed up to share my book. I was also very impressed by the level of Twitter traffic that was generated by the hosts and by CPBC, giving my book a high degree of visibility. It has opened my eyes to the value of this type of promotion, and would recommend CPBC’s tour service to other historical novelists."

~ Carolyn Hughes, author of The Meonbridge Chronicles

“Thank you so much, Cathie, for the lovely book blog tour this week. I've thoroughly enjoyed it: everything beautifully efficient and wonderfully organised, and communication from you every day was perfect. I didn't have to check up on anything: everyone blogged on time and superbly, and all the retweets were great. So please pass on my thanks to the bloggers who took part - I'm quite sorry the week has ended, it went by so fast! I am more than happy to highly recommend your book tour. Believe me, in my experience they're not all so efficient and enthusiastic. Clearly historical fiction lovers are the best!”

~ Julia Ibbotson, author of A Shape on the Air

“Thank you for a tremendously successful blog tour, Coffee Pot Book Club. The Godmother’s Secret is a #1 New Release this morning, and I know your team’s hard work and great relationships with historical fiction bloggers around the world have given it a wonderful launch.

Not only have the reviews, spotlights, and features been brilliant, but everyone's participation in keeping the awareness out there on social media has been superb. Congratulations on such a winning campaign, and I'll be featuring Coffee Pot Book Club and the tour in social media for a long time to come. On a personal note, your creative graphics and great communication really made my novel (and me!) feel very much appreciated. I am so grateful for an absolutely stress-free and perfect blog tour!”

~ Elizabeth St.John, bestselling author of The Godmother’s Secret and The Lydiard Chronicles

“Outstanding organisation, excellent communication and a very wide range of activities and blog hosts – these were the marks of the Coffee Pot Book Club tour for JULIA PRIMA in October 2022. Cathie provided full details of what the team required in the way of guests posts and interviews in plenty of time. She emailed details everyday of the stops and followed up very promptly with any queries on my part.

During my writing career of over ten years, I’ve commissioned every type of blog tour to promote my Roma Nova series and I can say without reserve that this was not only the best value for money, but also the most effective one! As they say in the film, ‘I’ll be back!’”

~ Alison Morton, author of the Roma Nova series


“Many thanks for keeping me so well updated throughout the tour. After being let down by another company, it has been such a relief to be working with someone who is so organised.”

~ Jane Davis, author of Small Eden

Kudos to the Cathie Dunn and the Coffee Pot Blog Tour. I chose to go with Cappuccino, and they helped me organize, answered my questions, and finally arranged a beautiful collection of blogs to showcase my excerpts from Floats the Dark Shadow. I was extremely happy with their friendly communication and their choices for displaying my work. I hope to work with them again in future.

~ Yves Fey, author of Floats the Dark Shadow

“I recently signed up for one of the “Espresso” book blasts with The Coffee Pot Book Club. Having no experience of blogs or podcasts I let Cathie Dunn of their team do all the work. She certainly did that, leaving nothing for me to do except submit the book cover and blurb. The results exceeded my expectations by a long way and I am still trying to sort out my Twitter feed. The Club’s work was high quality, timely and everything that was promised. I have been very impressed and would highly recommend their services.”

~ James Gault, author of Owerd the Briton

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