Tuesday, July 26, 2022

#HistoricalFiction author, Mercedes Rochelle, is taking a look at the fall of the Percys under Henry IV #History #Plantagenet @authorRochelle

The Accursed King 

(The Plantagenet Legacy Book 4) 

By Mercedes Rochelle


Publication Date: 18th April 2022
Publisher: Sergeant Press
Page Length: 282 Pages
Genre: Historical Fiction

What happens when a king loses his prowess? The day Henry IV could finally declare he had vanquished his enemies, he threw it all away with an infamous deed. No English king had executed an archbishop before. And divine judgment was quick to follow. Many thought he was struck with leprosy—God's greatest punishment for sinners. From that point on, Henry's health was cursed and he fought doggedly on as his body continued to betray him—reducing this once great warrior to an invalid. Fortunately for England, his heir was ready and eager to take over. But Henry wasn't willing to relinquish what he had worked so hard to preserve. No one was going to take away his royal prerogative—not even Prince Hal. But Henry didn't count on Hal's dauntless nature, which threatened to tear the royal family apart.

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