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Book of the Week: A Phoenix Rising by Vivienne Brereton #HistoricalRomance #TudorRomance #BookOfTheWeek #TheCoffeePotBookClub @VivienneBreret1 @cathiedunn

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A Phoenix Rising

The House of the Red Duke, Book #1

by Vivienne Brereton

Publication Date: July 8th, 2019
Publisher: Yuletide Press
Pages: 374
Genre: Historical Romance / Tudor Romance

Love. Ambition. Danger. A mighty earl at odds with the new Tudor king. Meet Thomas. Charismatic head of the Howard dynasty. Down in Cornwall and over in France, four young people are caught up in a web of deceit and lies.

1485. Henry Tudor has fought and won the day, ushering in an exciting era of great change. But what if you’re an earl who chose the wrong side? This single, brutal battle results in a catastrophic reversal of Thomas’s fortunes. Stripped of his earldom, he’s imprisoned in the Tower and barred from the magnificent Tudor court.

After three long years, he finally earns his freedom and his sights are set higher than ever. Vowing to claw his way back into the good graces of King Henry, he will stop at nothing to restore the Howard family to its former glory.

In Cornwall, England, Cecily is leading a happy life while Valentine, Tristan, and Nicolas all live in France, not far from Calais. Up until now, all the family secrets have remained concealed behind the ancient walls of castles in three countries.

But little by little, the deeds of the past begin to collide with those of the present, with far-reaching consequences for all concerned at Henry VIII’s breathtaking 1520 Field of Cloth of Gold in France:

“Nicolas laid his lute to one side, hardly bothering to stifle a yawn of boredom. Nevertheless, he couldn’t escape the fact that he’d agreed to take on a new wife.”

Will the secrets of the past finally be revealed, or will the castle walls refuse to give them up?

Amazon 5* review: ‘I’ve been reading Tudor fiction for 34 years, and this book is quite unique to anything I have read before.’

Readers’ Favorite 5* review: ‘A fascinating insight into the lives of the rich and famous so many centuries ago.’

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