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Shining a bright Springtime Spotlight on Sharon Bradshaw's evocative love story, The Monk Who Cast A Spell #HistoricalFiction #DarkAges #BookSpotlight

The Monk Who Cast A Spell

Durstan Series, Book #2

by Sharon Bradshaw

In a richly woven tale from the Dark Ages, a young Monk falls in love contrary to the vows he made as a boy, but Ailan disappears after their sexual awakening at Beltane. Durstan is shocked and confused when he meets her again, several months later.

He is drawn then to Beth who believes that she can obtain the protection of the Christian Church by manipulating his emotions. When the Vikings attack the Iona Monastery in 794AD, Durstan is injured in the raid.

The story unfolds against the beautiful scenery of Scotland's Hebridean Islands. The characters cross the sea in coracles from Iona to Mull. They walk through an ancient forest to Lord Duncan's hall, inside its timber enclosure. The seasons change from spring to midwinter when the Old Gods are in the magic of the firelight, and shadows at Yule.

Fear of violence; being outcast, or enslaved is prevalent in the real Middle-Earth we called the Dark Ages. Along with the use of charms; amulets, and spells. The early Christian Church continues to be challenged by the Old Gods; tradition, and the Druids who are left. Following the destruction of their order from the late Iron Age.

And Durstan’s quest? ...To regain Ailan’s love.

Based on the Author's historical research... The Monk Who Cast A Spell is the first full length novel in the Durstan series. It can also be read as a standalone book.

For fans of Bernard Cornwell, and Stephen A. McKay.

Praise for The Monk Who Cast A Spell:

"Step back in time to a bygone era where Christianity and paganism exist side by side. Watch as Durstan and Ailan explore love and question whether two people from such different worlds can truly find happiness together. Sharon Bradshaw takes you back to the 8th century where people lived in constant fear of Viking raids and women didn't have many rights. You can feel yourself being drawn in as you witness the characters daily struggles just to survive. This is truly a page turner."
~ Tiffany Rodi, Amazon Reviewer

Sharon Bradshaw

Sharon Bradshaw is a Historical Fiction Author, Storyteller, and Poet. She lives in the United Kingdom with her family, and a large collection of books. 

Tradition and folklore have their roots in the tales told around the fire, thousands of years ago. Or beneath the stars on warm, summer nights. Tales which have been adapted across the years in their telling, and re-telling. Until possibly all that remains is a grain of truth from the original version. Often these were about real people like King Arthur, and the lives they led; their battles, and warriors; the women or men they loved, and the children. 

Sharon writes the 8th century Durstan series, which begins on Iona in 794 AD. You will find a brief History of the early medieval period in the prequel, A Druid's Magic. Written from the research she did into the time we used to call the Dark Ages. Followed by The Monk Who Cast A Spell, and Passion And The Monk which takes place on Lindisfarne. Durstan Of Iona, book 4, will be coming soon. 

Her first collection of faery stories, again based on folklore and tradition, has been published in The Woodcutter And The Faery Queen. She is also passionate about writing ghost stories. Those which are eerie, and make you want to check that you really are alone when it's almost dark. Eleven of which are in The Bookseller's Ghost, followed by Old Meg And The Fox, with others coming soon in 2024. Whilst you'll find her first collection of love poetry in: From Now 'til Then.

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