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Blog Tour: Owerd the Briton by James Gault

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Owerd the Briton

by James Gault

October, 12th 2022

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Publication Date: 24th July 2022 
Publisher: self-published
Page Length: approx. 365 Pages
Genre: Historical Fiction

In Saxon England of the 1060s,
the prospects for Owerd are grim. 

He is a Briton; son of a miller; and looks like a Dane. The Church beckons, as does a warrior life but he must first learn his ‘station’ with frequent humiliation. 

Fate lends a hand in rewarding his courage but as his lot improves the Normans invade. Does he fight them or aid them? 

His loyalties are tested by events involving violence, loss, love and fate as he tries to manage the balance between security and oppression.

This title is available to read on #KindleUnlimited.

James Gault

James, or Jim by preference, was a successful mariner who spent much of his life at sea mucking around in ships and boats. That was the relatively adventurous part of his life, encompassing a good slice of the world and its ever-changing challenges and joys, from violent wars and cyclones to glorious sunrises and oceans of tranquillity.

These days the stability of reading and writing are preferred, especially writing about the fictional adventures of others. He enjoys the company of his wife Sally and Labrador dog Pippa in a small coastal town in Australia

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