Thursday, August 25, 2022

Have a sneak-peek between the covers of M J Porter's fabulous novel - The Last Seven #historicalfiction #TalesOfMercia #Ceowulf @coloursofunison

The Last Seven
by M J Porter

Book Title: The Last Seven
Series: The Ninth Century
Author: M J Porter
Publication Date: 25th August 2022
Publisher: M J Publishing
Page Length: c.250
Genre: Historical Fiction/Action and Adventure

He sent twenty men to infiltrate three hundred. 
It had to be enough.

While Archbishop Wulfhere of York begs for assistance against Jarl Halfdan, now living in Northumbria, Bishop Smithwulf of London is eager for Coelwulf to forge an alliance with King Alfred of Wessex. And the three Raider jarls continue to hold Grantabridge. Yet, Coelwulf has so far managed to dismiss all of these concerns, his worry only with his missing warrior, Pybba.

But while searching for Pybba, events overtake Coelwulf, his men are murdered, and his aunt taken, but by which of his enemies?

If Coelwulf fails to rescue his aunt alive, then what hope does he have for keeping his kingdom secure?

The year is AD875 and the men of Mercia must once more ride into the fray. The future of Mercia depends on them.

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