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Blog Tour: The Middle Generation by M. B. Zucker

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The Middle Generation:
A Novel of John Quincy Adams and the Monroe Doctrine

by M. B. Zucker

November 20th – 24th, 2022

Publication Date: November 7th, 2023
Publisher: Historium Press 
Page Length: 432
Genre: Historical Fiction / Biographical Fiction

From M. B. Zucker, award-winning author of
"The Eisenhower Chronicles"

The classical era of American history began with the Revolution and ended with emancipation. Between these bookends lies the absorbing yet overshadowed epic of a new nation spearheading liberty’s cause in a world skeptical of freedom arriving at all, much less in slaver’s garb. M. B. Zucker takes readers back to that adolescent country in the care of an enigmatic guide, John Quincy Adams, heir to one president by blood and another, Washington, by ideology. Adams is the missing link between the founders and Abraham Lincoln, and is nigh unanimously regarded as America’s foremost Secretary of State. Through Adams’ eyes, readers will experience one of history’s greatest and most forgotten crises: his showdown with Europe over South American independence, the conflict which prefigured the Monroe Doctrine. 

With his signature dialogue and his close study of Adams’ 51 volume diary, M. B. Zucker’s The Middle Generation is a political thriller and character piece that surpasses his achievement in The Eisenhower Chronicles and ascends to the cinematic heights of the historical epics of David Lean and Steven Spielberg. It is an unforgettable portrait and a leap forward for one of our rising historical fiction novelists. 

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The novel will be available in several Barnes and Noble stores in the DC/Northern Virginia area.

M. B. Zucker

M. B. Zucker has been interested in storytelling for as long as he can remember. He devoted himself to historical fiction at fifteen and earned his B.A. at Occidental College and his J.D. at Case Western Reserve University School of Law. He lives in Virginia with his family. 

He is the author of three other novels. Among his honors is the Best Fictional Biography Award at the 2023 BookFest. 

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