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Book of the Week: Historical Stories of Exile – an anthology by award-winning #HistoricalFiction authors #ShortStories #BookOfTheWeek #TheCoffeePotBookClub @HelenHollick @cathiedunn

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Historical Stories of Exile

A Collection of Historical Short Stories

Publication Date: November 10th, 2023
Publisher: Taw River Press
Pages: ~ 330
Genre: Historical Fiction / Short Story Collection

Exile: a risky defiance, a perilous journey, a family’s tragic choice – or an individual’s final gamble to live. 

Exile: voluntary or enforced, a falling-out between friends, a lost first love, a prejudiced betrayal – or the only way to survive persecution?

In this historical fiction anthology thirteen authors (they are not superstitious!) have written exclusive short stories on the theme of exile. Some are based on true history, others are speculative fiction. All mine the depths of human emotions: fear, hope, love, and the fortitude to survive.

Join an inspiring Anglo-Saxon queen of Wales, a courageous Norwegian falconer, and a family fleeing back in time to escape the prospect of a ruthless future. Oppose the law with the legendary Doones of Exmoor, or defy the odds with two brave WWII exiles. Meet a Roman apprehensively planning exile to preserve the 'old ways', and a real Swedish prince forcibly expelled in heart-wrenching circumstances. Thrill to a story based on the legend of Robin Hood, sail with a queen of Cyprus determined to regain her rightful throne; escape religious persecution, discover the heart-rending truth behind the settlement of Massachusetts and experience the early years that would, eventually, lead to the founding of Normandy. Experience the stirring of first love, and as an exclusive treat special guest author, Elizabeth Chadwick, reveals a tale about the 12th-century’s heiress, Isabelle de Clare, and the Greatest Knight of all time – William Marshal.

With an introduction by multi-award-winning author Deborah Swift, enjoy these tales of exile across the ages. Some are hopeful, some sad, some romantic, some tragic, but all explore the indomitable spirit of resolute, unforgettable characters.

This anthology from bestselling and award-winning writers of historical fiction includes the following short stories:

The Exiled Heart

Cryssa Bazos

The Unwanted Prince

Anna Belfrage

Coming Home

Elizabeth Chadwick


Cathie Dunn

 Victory in Exile Day

J G Harlond

The Doones of Exmoor

Helen Hollick

The Past, My Future

Loretta Livingstone

Last Hope for a Queen

Amy Maroney

My Sister

Alison Morton

A King's Man No More

Charlene Newcomb

Into The Light

Elizabeth St.John

On Shining Wings

Marian L. Thorpe

Wradan Wræclastas

Annie Whitehead

With an introduction by Deborah Swift.

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