Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Book of the Month: Flowers of Evil (Hani's Daughter Mysteries, Book 1) by N.L. Holmes #HistoricalFiction #Ancient Egypt #BookOfTheMonth

* Book of the Month *

Flowers of Evil

Hani's Daughter Mysteries, Book 1

by N. L. Holmes

Publication Date: July 18th, 2023
Publisher: WayBack Press
Pages: 324
Genre: Historical Fiction

When two young women in ancient Egypt open a medical dispensary, they don’t expect their first patient to be a dying florist of Amen whose last words are totally mysterious. It’s Neferet and Bener-ib’s nature to want to appease the ba of the murder victim by finding his killer, and their teenaged apprentice is a born detective. But between the skepticism of their own families and the malice of a rival healer, they find out the simple desire to do the right thing gets them into more trouble than they could have imagined!

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