Monday, January 22, 2024

Book of the Week: Clement: Boy Knight of Normandy by Craig R. Hipkins

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Clement: Boy Knight of Normandy

by Craig R. Hipkins

Clement is no ordinary thirteen year old boy. He lives in a castle in 12th century Normandy. After helping Adalbert on his quest to find a long lost treasure, Clement and his friend Dagena return for another adventure. This time, Clement must overcome the evil ambitions of his wicked uncle, Sven the Terrible! Prepare yourself for some medieval action and excitement that you will not soon forget. This is the first book in a planned trilogy. Clement and Dagena first appeared in the novel Adalbert.

Praise for Clement: Boy Knight of Normandy:

“Light-hearted enough to be suitable for younger readers, it is well researched with plenty of period details and even a hint of romance. This is a good introduction for young readers to the complex years in Normandy and England during the reign of Henry I.”
~ Malve von Hassell, Amazon Review

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