Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Muskets and Masquerades by Lindsey S. Fera #AwardWinning #HistoricalFiction #RecommendedReads

Muskets and Masquerades

Muskets Trilogy

by Lindsey S. Fera

Jack and Annalisa are married only five months when, enroute to France, a shipwreck separates them. On different shores, each believes the other dead. But when Annalisa learns Jack is alive, she returns to America and discovers much has changed. After a betrayal, she flees town as her alter ego, Benjamin Cavendish, and joins the Continental Army.

Unbeknownst to Annalisa, Jack has also joined the Continentals, harboring shameful secrets from his days in mourning. Against the backdrop of war with Britain, façades mount between Jack and Annalisa, and the merry minuet of their adolescence dissolves into a masquerade of deceit, one which threatens to part them forever.


"A fantastic piece of historical fiction that i couldn't put down. It was well written with a compelling story line and well developed characters..."
~ Kirsty Lock, Amazon Vine Voice

"Fans of 18th century historical romance and the American Revolution will fall in love with this story."
~ Donna Scott, award-winning author

"This book has masterful use of prose and character development. ... This book is even better than the first. The characters continue to grow and develop."
~ Nancy, Amazon Reviewer

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