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A Turbulent Peace by Paul Walker #AwardWinning #HistoricalFiction #RecommendedReads

A Turbulent Peace

by Paul Walker

January 1919.
Following the armistice, Mary Kiten, a volunteer nurse in northern France, is ready to return home to England when she receives a surprise telegram requesting that she report to Paris. The call comes from her Uncle Arthur, a security chief at the Peace Conference.
Within minutes of arriving at the Majestic Hotel in Paris, Mary hears a commotion in the street outside. A man has been shot and killed. She is horrified to learn that the victim is her uncle. The police report the attack as a chance robbery by a known thief, who is tracked down and killed resisting arrest.
Mary is not convinced. Circumstances and the gunshot wound do not indicate theft as a motive. A scribbled address on Arthur’s notepad leads to her discovery of another body, a Russian Bolshevik. She suspects her uncle, and the Russian, were murdered by the same hand.
To investigate further, Mary takes a position working for the British Treasury, headed by J M Keynes.

But Mary soon finds herself in the backstreets of Paris and the criminal underworld.

What she discovers will threaten the foundations of the congress. 


"A fast-paced 'cloak and dagger' thriller set in the immediate aftermath of World War I."
~ Timothy Ashby, author of Ranger

"With a mixture of danger and romance you are drawn into the story from the start. This was an enjoyable book with a good pace throughout, it also gives a good insight and feel to how things were after ww1 during the peace conference."
~ S J Clarry

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