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Tapestry: A Lowcountry Rapunzel (The Silk Trilogy, Book 2) by Sophia Alexander #AwardWinning #HistoricalFiction #RecommendedReads

Tapestry: A Lowcountry Rapunzel

The Silk Trilogy, Book 2

by Sophia Alexander

"I ain't gonna cater to none of that foolishness, so if you expect me to feel sorry for you, you got another thing comin'."

Shame and humiliation racked Gaynelle's body. It was true, she realized-she did care too much about everyone's opinion of her, and she hadn't worried for a moment about spreading lice to the rest of them. No, she was too wrapped up in her vanity. When the boys cast glances at her, her chest fairly swelled with elation. She reveled for minutes on end when anyone flattered her about her hair. Mama was so right.

If your stepmother were a sociopath, how would you know? And who would you turn to?

Life is not as ordinary as it seems for Gaynelle and Vivian, who only understand that the woman they now call 'Mama' is complicated and difficult to please. Is the romantic love that Gaynelle finds at a too-tender age going to last? And will Vivian uncover the truth about her parentage while recovering from a strange illness?

Rural South Carolina meets the Roaring 20's in this tale of two sisters who face separation and trauma with the resilience of the young and find their way, despite everything.


"Just when you think you've settled into and figured out the storyline, Ms Alexander has a way of shocking you."
~ The Historical Fiction Company

"The author has a writing style that is almost lyrical... secrets and surprises abound."
~ Indie BRAG readers

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