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Madame Pommery by Rebecca Rosenberg #AwardWinning #HistoricalFiction #RecommendedReads

Madame Pommery

Champagne Widows

by Rebecca Rosenberg

A Toast to Resilience: Madame Pommery's Unyielding Spirit

1860, Reims, France. Grief hangs heavy, threatening to drown Alexandrine Pommery's future. Widowed and burdened, she could easily succumb. But a spark ignites within her and she dares to dream of a champagne unlike any other – a dry, crisp masterpiece instead of the traditional sugary sweet champagne.

Her vision meets scoffs. "Who would drink such a thing?" But Alexandrine's spirit is unyielding. In the vineyards, she coaxes grapes to their peak. In the cellars, she experiments. Each trial, each misstep, fuels the fire of her creation – Pommery Brut, a champagne as dry as her resolve, yet bubbling with rebellion.

The Franco-Prussian War shatters the peace in 1870. Son and crew march off, leaving Alexandrine to train women her revolutionary methods. But the Prussian invasion steals all hope, as the army pillages her cellars of precious Brut.

Alexandrine refuses to be a victim. She excavates secret caves under the city dump, and hides her champagne from the enemy. Her cellars become a refuge, not just for bottles, but for the French resistance.

To make matters more complicated, two men offer her their love. One, too young, improper, perhaps even scandalous. The other, a Scottish Baron, promises a castle and title, and a life beyond the relentless toil of champagne. Now torn between two men, Alexandrine must find the courage to forge her own path of legacy or love.

Uncork the secrets and taste the audacity of a widow's dream, and the unwavering spirit of Madame Pommery.



"A tour-de-force of historical fiction, Madame Pommery is a deeply fascinating work that blends true-to-life details with artfully crafted elements."

~ Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize

"Fascinating! Madame Pommery's story sparkles as brightly as her famous fizz. What a woman! "
~ Kate Braithwaite, author of The Girl Puzzle – a Story of Nellie Bly

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