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Christmas Parties, Snow, and other Follies by Heidi Eljarbo #AwardWinning #HistoricalWomensFiction #RecommendedReads

Christmas Parties, Snow, and other Follies

(Heartwarming Christmas)

by Heidi Eljarbo

A delightful Victorian Christmas romance with wit and heart.

When common rules of behavior in polite society come across as tedious and insurmountable, spinsterhood seems the only option…

Miss Gingifer Mitford’s parents have plans for their daughter’s future—prospects that include a certain type of husband, where to live, and how to behave. But Ginger cannot wrap her heart around these arrangements and becomes annoyingly willful. When she returns to the country and Dewdrop House for the annual cousin capers during the Christmas holidays, little does she know that this December, everything will change.

Bertran Stanton has always worked hard to prove himself worthy of his good fortune. As first in line to inherit the title and estate, Bert has lived most of his life with his uncle and benefactor Lord Conrad Stanton, the Earl of Thorndale.
But the earl is concerned that Bert has yet to choose a suitable wife and gives him until the eve of the new year to become acquainted with Lady Charlotte or be sent to London to find a wife there. Bert is in a quandary about whether he should be loyal to Uncle Conrad’s wishes or trust his inner feelings.

As the cousins gather for jolly games, caroling, and various Christmas parties, Bert cannot dismiss a notion that keeps coming back. Could it be that the love of his life has been right in front of him all this time? And more than that, is it conceivable that the headstrong but unresistingly charming Ginger will ever feel the same, or will he have to look elsewhere?

A delightful Christmas romance with wit and heart. Readers who enjoy clean and wholesome romance with a happily ever after will love this.



"This book is full of fun, family, friends and joy. Heidi has again hit the nail on the head giving the reader a look into life and love and you can, without images see the gowns and decorations in the magnificent homes where Christmas was celebrated."
~ desertviking, Amazon

"Sweet, clean historical Christmas novel perfect for a good bedtime read."
~ Booklover, Amazon

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