Editorial Book Reviews

Editorial Reviews with the Coffee Pot Book Club

We offer Editorial Reviews for the following genres:

  • Historical Fiction, and its sub-genres:
    • Romance
    • Mystery
    • Fantasy
    • Time Travel & Dual-Timeline
    • Alternate History

  • Women’s Fiction:
    • Historical
    • Contemporary

What is an Editorial Review?

An Editorial Review is an unbiased, in-depth critique of your novel, taking into account plot, structure, style, characterisation, and overall impression. Part of it may be in the form of praise, but we also add constructive criticism where applicable.

What can you do with an Editorial Review?

An Editorial Review is a professional review. You can add quotes from your review (citing The Coffee Pot Book Club as the source) to your book’s page on Amazon, or on your author website, on the cover, or use quotes on social media banners / posts to attract attention.

We consider ebooks from traditionally published, hybrid-published, and self-published authors as well as from publishers and agents. We also accept Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs), but these must be edited versions. 

At this point, we do not offer reviews of audiobooks. 

The Coffee Pot Book Club has a fabulous team of Editorial Reviewers, with years of experience in reading, reviewing, and writing fiction, and with a strong focus on historical and women’s fiction in particular. Find out more about them HERE.

How do you submit your novel for an Editorial Review?

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Email us HERE with the title of your novel, the total word count, the first chapter or prologue in a Word document, and a link to your book’s sales page online.
  • If your book is accepted, we’ll send you a Paypal invoice for the relevant amount (see word count details below), then we’ll be asking you for an ePub copy of the complete novel.
  • Your review will appear on The Coffee Pot Book Club blog within four-six weeks of receipt of the ePub copy.
  • If your review is deemed below a 4* rating, we will email you the review first. Please note any potential criticism is meant constructively, intended to help.
  • If your book is not chosen by our Editorial Reviewers, I’m afraid it may not be for us. This is not a reflection of your book. In that case, you may wish to consider submitting it to our associates.

All novels accepted by The Coffee Pot Book Club for an Editorial Review will be entered automatically into our prestigious Book of the Year Awards – at no extra charge!

Cost: £125.00* only £99.00*!

(*Price for books up to 120,000 words. Additional charges apply for books above 120,000 words. Please mention the word count when booking your review. Terms & Conditions apply.)

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