Thursday, March 21, 2024

And the Winner is...

Many congratulations, Anna Chant!

You have won an Espresso Blog Tour * with The Coffee Pot Book Club.

We're looking forward to your tour.

The runners-up – winners of a Premier Book Spotlight guest post each – are:

Tessa Floreano

Michelle Elliot

Many congratulations, Tessa and Michelle! We hope you're going to tell us all about those fascinating objects in your posts.

And as there are no losers in The Coffee Pot Book Club, we've decided to offer a free Book Spotlight on our blog to all other lovely participants.

A big Thank You goes to Catherine Hughes, Marcia Clayton, Kelly Evans, Sue Barnard, Kate Braithwaite, Wendy J. Dunn, Paige Etheridge (Autumn), and Mercedes Rochelle!

Thank you all for taking part in our *100k Hits Giveaway*.
See you on your next coffee break!

Love & light,

Cathie xx

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