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Times of Turmoil by Anna Belfrage #AwardWinning #HistoricalFiction #RecommendedReads

Times of Turmoil

(The Time Locket, Book 2)

by Anna Belfrage

It is 1718 and Duncan Melville and his time traveller wife, Erin, are concentrating on building a peaceful existence for themselves and their twin daughters. Difficult to do, when they are beleaguered by enemies.

Erin Melville is not about to stand to the side and watch as a child is abused—which is how she makes deadly enemies of Hyland Nelson and his family.

Then there’s that ghost from their past, Armand Joseph Chardon, a person they were certain was dead. Apparently not. Monsieur Chardon wants revenge and his sons are tasked with making Duncan—and his wife—pay.

Things aren’t helped by the arrival of Duncan’s cousin, fleeing her abusive husband. Or the reappearance of Nicholas Farrell in their lives, as much of a warped bully now as he was when he almost beat Duncan to death years ago. Plus, their safety is constantly threatened as Erin is a woman of colour in a time and place where that could mean ostracism, enslavement or even death.

Will Duncan and Erin ever achieve their simple wish – to live and love free from fear of those who wish to destroy them?


"Times of Turmoil ... is a stunning time-travel tale that is brimming with adventure, love and turbulence."
~ Mary Anne Yarde, The Coffee Pot Book Club

"A brilliant historical fiction author will take you firmly by the hand, fully immerse you into the period, and lovingly transport you to a world as real as the one you inhabit now. Anna Belfrage is such an author, and her latest work, Times of Turmoil, is a testament to her superb storytelling and authentic research."
~ HF Reader, Amazon

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