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The Traitor Beside Her by Mary Anna Evans #AwardWinning #HistoricalFiction #RecommendedReads

The Traitor Beside Her

(The Justine Byrne Historical Mysteries)

by Mary Anna Evans

The Traitor Beside Her is an intricately plotted WWII espionage novel weaving together mystery, action, friendship, and a hint of romance perfect for fans of The Rose Code and Code Name Helene.

Justine Byrne can't trust the people working beside her. Arlington Hall, a former women's college in Virginia has been taken over by the United States Army where hundreds of men and women work to decode countless pieces of communication coming from the Axis powers.

Justine works among them, handling the most sensitive secrets of World War II—but she isn't there to decipher German codes—she's there to find a traitor.

Justine keeps her guard up and her ears open, confiding only in her best friend, Georgette, a fluent speaker of Choctaw who is training to work as a code talker. Justine tries to befriend each suspect, believing that the key to finding the spy lies not in cryptography but in understanding how code breakers tick. When young women begin to go missing at Arlington Hall, her deadline for unraveling the web of secrets becomes urgent and one thing remains clear: a single secret in enemy hands could end thousands of lives. 

"A fascinating and intelligent WWII home front story."

~ Rhys Bowen, New York Times bestselling author for The Physicists’ Daughter


"Evans's characters are vividly drawn, elevating this story and its revelations about women's little-celebrated contributions to the war effort."
~ Washington Post

"An exciting read with historical tidbits, a hint of danger, and a touch of romance."
~ Kirkus Reviews

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